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Band Heaters

MATRUSREE Designs and Manufactures Industrial Band Heaters that can perform at higher and ever increasing temperatures required for today’s high tech polymers & resins, by providing long & efficient service life and dependability, that’s essential for all Plastic Extrusion, Injection Molding & Blow Molding Machines.


The elements design ensures to maintain the lowest winding temperatures possible, fast heat-up and quick thermal response to temperature controls. Conventionally two basic constructions available are Mica insulated Band Heaters and Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters, that are widely used on operations involving heating of cylindrical surfaces like Barrels & Dies. They are manufactured in a full range of standard construction variations, physical dimensions, electrical ratings along with a complete arrangement of Various Termination options & Clamping options.

Matrusree Mica Band Heaters are efficient and economical solutions to the heating requirements of manyapplications. With temperature capabilities of up to 350oC, these heaters are ideal for plastic processingapplications.



Standard Allen Bolt Clamping Type

Allen bolt with standard clamping systemgenerally used on all heaters.


Spring Loaded Clamping Type

Allen bolt with spring loaded clamping systems provides excellent grip of the heater mounted vertically.


Separate Clamping Strap Type

Screw clamping system with ears on external casing of the band.


Flange Bolt Nut Type (Mica Band only)

An external strap Allen-Bolt casing of stainless steel sheet suits for maximum thermal efficiency makes a pressure on the heating band.



Post Terminals (Screw Terminals)

Post terminal provide optimum connection. Ceramic covers with opening for leads are screwed onto post terminals providing a convenient, economical insulator can be provided on heater length of 40mm or more.


Ceramic Connector Block

Ceramic connector ranging upto 15 Amps with brass pins directly mounted on the edge of heater connected with stainless steel lead insulated with F/G sleeves generally used where long leads wire is required.


Terminal Block

Customized metallic terminal box attach directly to the heater & act as a safety features by covering the MS SS Bolt acting as a terminal for heavy connection loads this can be provided on heater of the length 40mm or more with standard 1 meter fiber glass insulated lead wires.


Fiber Glass Lead Wires

Standard connection pure nickel wire directly fixed with heating wire coming out crimped with copper conductor lead wire insulated with 1Mt. fiber glass having shock absorbing T-Clamp. Generally used where long lead wire is required.


Fiber Glass wires with SS braided sleeve & T-Clamp

Standard connection pure nickel wire directly fixed with heating wire coming out crimped with copper conductor lead wire insulated with 1Mt. fiber glass having shock absorbing T-Clamp. Generally used where long lead wire is required. Direct Fiber glass lead connections as described above are shielded with protective SS Braided sleeving.


Plug Type (Male Plug)

This provide the simplest and fastest way to apply power to band heater. This assembly eliminates all life exposed terminals and electrical wiring that can be potential hazard to employees or machine. Can be provided on heater length 40mm or more.




Matrusree Ceramic Band Heater, High Temperature Resistance Wire is embedded in a flexible outer wall made ofspecial, interlocking ceramic tiles, which are assembled like a brick wall. A ceramic fibre insulating mat and astainless steel jacket cover this assembly. This construction prevents heat loss and reduces electricalconsumption by 20%. An energized ceramic band heater will have a temperature of 200 Deg C on its outside shellwhen the inside temperature is maintained at 550 Deg C. To improve the conservation of energy, differentthicknesses of ceramic fibre insulation mats are available. Heat is transferred from a ceramic heater to thesurface of an application through conduction and radiation.


Ceramic Band Heaters are made by using different combinations of ceramic tiles, which are available only inspecific lengths. Consequently, the width of a Ceramic Bands falls within a certain incremental range. these canbe manufactured with different clamping mechanisms, termination styles, holes and cut-outs.



Overall Thickness

15 mm

Minimum Dia.

38 mm

Minimum Width

25 mm

Width - Normal

multiple of 15 + 6 mm

Std. gap between edges

5 to 10 mm




+ 10% -5%


+5% -10%

Maximum Watt Density

7 W/cm2 ( 43 W / Sq.in )


110 V AC to 480 V AC

Maximum Temp.

550 C


Ceramic Band Heater Features and Benefits:

  Longer Heater Life

  Reduce power consumption

  High degree of flexibility For Easy Installation

  Good Temperature Uniformity &heat distribution

  Built-In Thermal Insulation

  Conserves Electrical Energy

  Minimum Heat Loss

  Various Constructions and Terminations Options

  Heats Through Conduction and Radiation

  Designed to Your Specifications

  Heavy Duty Ceramic formers for high watt density Ceramic Band Heaters


Typical Applications of Band Heaters:

  Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

  Plastic Extruders

  Oil Reclamation Equipment

  Food and Candy Extruders

  Drum Heating

  Extrusion Dies

  Holding Tanks

  Blow Molding Machines

  Vending Machines

  Barrels, Heads & Nozzles

  Food Service Warming

  Autoclaves & Sterilizers

  Pulp and paper Processing Equipment

  Hot Runner Molds

  Fluidized Beds and Others



Matrusreeprovides Nozzle Heaters in ceramic insulated, mica insulated constructions as well as in micro tubular construction. Micro tubular heaters are leak proof and can be provided with builtin thermocouple. Specify ID, length of the heater, construction type while ordering.

Typical applications of Nozzle Heaters:

  Injection Moulding Machines


  Nozzle Extension

  Hot Sprues