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Hot Air Generators & Duct Heating Systems

HIGH TEMPERATURE HOT AIR GENERATORS In this type of HAG, Bare Wire heating elements are made to pass through numerous channels of high temperature ceramic formers and electrically and thermally insulated from each upto required extent. fresh and dust-free air is then forced through these high temperature premium grade alloy element that can with stand bare Element alloy skin temperatures upto 8000C.

This Construction is used in these type of hot air generator. A method of heating dry air which reduces the start-up time of the heater considerably (working temperature is reached in a few seconds) and allows high temperatures to be achieved from a small areas and applications requiring low CFM with high temperatures Supplied with or without a suitable blower, these Hot Air Generators reliably produces the desired result. They can be used in Single throw systems and Recirculation Systems. Temperatures upto 3500C can be achieved in single throw models using these Hot Air Generators.

Electric Hot Air Generators and Special Purpose High Temperature Duct Heaters with Control Cabinets

These units aredesigned with Advanced and Newly Developed Materials to Ensure High efficiency especially in Hot Air Generation for single Flow Systems. They are Compact and Designed for long Service Life. Used in Hot Air generation for Numerous Industrial Applications like


  High Temperature Hot Air Generators (Upto 600 Deg.C under Controlled Conditions)

  Hot Air Blower System for Grain & Pulses Dryer

  Room Heating Blower for Various Industrial & Commercial Requirements

  De-Humidification Hot Air Blowers in Pharmaceutical, Industries, Laboratories, Hospitals Etc.,

  Comfort Heaters for Logistics, Warehouses &Godowns

  Endless Custom Built Applications can be addressed using Hot Air Generators for Various Industrial & Commercial Applications


All the Above Hot Air Generators are provided with Temperature Control Panels / Humidity Control Panels with Necessary Electrical & Safety Devices

Special Purpose Flanged Air Duct Heaters

Industrial Heavy Duty Fan Heaters

Construction Details

These Unit Heaters  range from 2.5 KW through 50 KW. Fabricated from heavy gauge steel, Finned Heating Elements, enclosed fan motor. Suitable for ceiling or wall type upto 9 KW mounting for horizontal or vertical down airflow.


1.    Heavy Duty Construction Cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel for durability and trouble - free operation.

2.    Supply Connection Single connection eliminates separate fan motor circuit.

3.    Motor Fan motors have built - in automatic reset thermal overload protection. Motor is ventilated with unheated air.

4.    Service Compartment Hinged service door allows easy access to line terminals, fuses, contactors and transformers.

5.    Fail safe Thermostat adjustable built-in Thermostat for fail safe control

6.    Mounting Wall or ceiling mounting applicable to models up to 7 KW There after floor mounted or wheeled models are available.

7.    Plate Fin Elements SS Tubular Elements with finns for high surface area and heat dissipation. An automatic reset, thermal cutout protects the heater elements.




Our Space Heating Solutions include a wide array of Designs manufactured to suite Special applications &ProcessesCorrosion Resistant Wall or Ceiling Mounted Horizontal Unit Heater



This heater is an ideal heat source for freezeprotection or comfort heat by Ideal Fan Forced Heating in Industrial & Commercial Applications.



  5 KW, 7.5 KW & 9 KW

  240 VAC

  Built-In Thermostatic Controls ( Extra Safety)

  Digital Temperature Controls

  No Venting Necessary

  Wall or Ceiling Mounted



  Tubular Finned Heaters for Long life & Efficiency

  No external contactors are necessary

  18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Fabricated& WeldedConstruction

  Self-Contained Thermostat

  Selector switch Heater On / Off & Fan Only Operation

  Dynamically Balanced Fan Provides OptimumAir Flow across the Heating Elements

  The Cealing Bracket allows  for direct mounting of the heater to the Ceiling or Wall

  Rating 240 Volts / 5 KW, 7.5 KWNo of Circuits : 1

  1/8 HP  Fan, 1000 RPM, 440 CFM  & other



  Shipping and Receiving Areas

  Primary & Supplementary Heating

  Dual System Heaters & Spot Heating

  Entryway Air Curtain Heating

Provides Heating for: Pump Houses, Power Generating Stations, Aircraft Hangers, Factories, Garages & Warehouses