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Industrial Dryers

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Industrial Dryers

Industrial dryers are used to handle massive amounts of bulk materials that require moisture reduction. Industrial dryers come in a variety of models designed specifically for the type and quantity of material to be processed, depending on the amount and makeup of material that needs to be dried.
Industrial Dryers are used in, Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing industry, Plastic industry, Rubber industry, Chemical industry, Automobile industry, Textile industry, Paper industry Ceramics industry, Printing industry

Types of Dryers Drum Dryers

The drum dryer is very flexible in nature, its operation depends on the pressure of steam within the drum, speed of drum rotation, width of applicator and the ratio of drum speed rotations.

Pneumatic / Flash Dryers

Flash dryers or convective dryers are direct drying unit. In flash drying system particulate solids to be dried travels through the drying duct along with hot air and it get dried during transport in a hot gas stream

Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryers are one of the most usual types of industrial dryers, and they are used to dry huge amounts of material with particles of 10 mm or larger.

Spray Dryers

Spray drying is a process for dehydrating fluids, solutions, and thin slurries by transforming them to powder. A thin droplet dispersion of liquid or slurry material to be dehydrated is sprayed into a heated airstream.

Industrial Dryers Features

  • -Highly controllable design and technology
  • -Accurately calculated processing time
  • -Minimum handling
  • -Low cost of operation
  • -Controlled noise level
  • -Compact construction
  • -Minimum Maintenance
  • -Accurately calibrated
  • -Uniform drying temperature is assured
  • -Energy saving
  • -Less fuel consumption