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Strip Heaters / Finned Strip Heaters

Strip heaters are used for various industrial applications from platen heating to air heating, there are two basicconstructions in strip heaters, Mica Insulated & Ceramic Insulated.

Mica Insulated Strip Heatersutilize the finest quality Mica & layers of muscovite as well as phlogobite micafor filling of layers, different high-grade alloys of resistance wire, and stainless steel sheathes. The propercomponents are selected and the heater is designed according to the requirements of each application.

Ceramic Insulated Channel Strip Heatershave proven to be extremely efficient and dependable as a heatsource for surface heating in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications.

The basic design consists of helically wound resistance coil evenly strung through specially designed ceramicinsulators. Resistance coil is mechanically connected to screw terminals or leadwires for positive connection.Stainless steel Sheathing is used to house the heater assembly. The rectangular tube gives full surface contactwhen used in a milled slot to provide maximum heat transfer area. For surface mounting installations, ChannelStrip heaters must be securely clamped along their entire length to a smooth metal surface. When supported bymounting tabs, the terminal end should be secured firmly. Opposite end should be loose to allow for thermalexpansion.


Technical Specifications


Upto 440 V

Watt density

Max 35 w/in2

Strip width


Finn dimension


Max Temperature




Ø  Ovens

Ø  Hot Plates

Ø  Dropping resistors

Ø  Dies

Ø  Molds

Ø  Drying

Ø  Melting

Ø  Baking

Ø  Incubators

Ø  Platens

Ø  Food Warmers

Ø  Welding Preheating

Ø  Air Heating

Ø  Sealing Bars

Ø  Thermoforming

Ø  Tank Heating


Finned Strip Heaters

Strip heaters can be finned to improve heat transfer. The fins arespecially designed to provide maximum surface contact for goodheat dissipation into the finned cross sections, thus resulting inrapid heat transfer to the air.



Ø  Duct Heating

Ø  Space Heaters

Ø  Drying Ovens

Ø  Food Warmers

Ø  Shrinking Tunnels

Ø  Air Heating

Ø  Heat Curing etc.