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About Matrusree

We have earned the appreciation and trust of our clients over the years.

We have been into existence since 1985 and have established our selves as one among the eminent manufacturers suppliers, traders and exporters of a variety of Heating Elements that find application in diverse industries. Since our inception, we have constantly been working to aim for higher levels of success.

  • Appropriate internal electrical insulation
  • Efficient heat conduction.
  • Isolated sheath
  • Moisture resistant
  • Explosion resistant
  • Easy installation
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Who We Are

We offer full capabilities from Design and engineering through manufacturing.

MATRUSREE ELECTRO HEATS is one of the most reliable manufacturers of high Quality industrial and Custom Process heaters in south India, based at Hyderabad. The company’s heating solutions reflect more than a decade of innovation, product quality and efficient service.

Our product offering ranges from the Heating Elements described here to the most sophisticated, custom designed Heating Systems. We offer full capabilities from Design and engineering through manufacturing, Testing and technical support. That’s some thing we have proven each business day since our beginning in 1989. MATRUSREE means Quality products and total quality service defined by application expertise, quick turnaround, competitive prices, and rapid response to customer needs. Turn to the heat source MATRUSREE, for your Heat requirements.

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Tubular Heaters / Air Heaters



Different sheath materials are available for different applications. Options...

Process Immersion Heaters/Tank Heaters


Immersion heaters are used for heating a wide range ofliquids & gases in applicationareas like heating of :
Inline Heaters/Circulation Heaters/Suction Heaters
Duct Heaters


Cartridge Heaters


  • Heating Of Manifolds
  • Heating Of Dies & Platens
  • Heating Of Hot Stamping
  • Packaging Machines...

  • Casted Heaters
    Cage Heaters


    Cage Heaters
    Infrared Heaters

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    Hot Air Generators & Duct Heating Systems

    Electric Hot Air Generators and Special Purpose High Temperature Duct Heaters with Control Cabinets

    These units aredesigned with Adv...

    UV Weathering Tester
    Pan Humidifiers & Ultrasonic Humidifiers for HVAC
    Hot Water Generators
    Thermic Fluid Circulation Heating System (Electric/Fuel Fired)
    Fuel Oil Circulation Heating System
    Resistive Load Banks
    Tank Heating System

    Key Benefits:

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    Control Panels (Process|Instrument)
    Temperature Control Units
    Thyristor Control Panels
    RH Control Panels for HVAC Ducts
    MCC Control Panels
    Instrument Control Panels
    Flame Proof Temperature Control Panels
    Data Logger & Recorder Panels

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    Our Technical

    In order to assemble a complete control system, you will need the following information.

    Control Systems

    Process controls, over temperature controls, level controls, sensors, power controls, and panels. Now that you have selected the heater(s)...

    Fluid & Liquid Heating

    The heating of tanks is a common industrial practice in many applications. Heating may be required to maintain pumping viscosity of heavy oil or resins...

    Heaters Selection

    Electric resistance heaters of the enclosed sheath type can be operated successfully over a wide range of temperatures approximately up to 650°C...

    Thermal System Basics

    Thermal systems are easy to understand. A thermal system is typically made up of a workload, heater, temperature controller and temperature sensor...

    Heat Transfer Fundamental

    The principles of heat transfer are well understood and are briefly described below. Heat energy is transferred by three basic modes...

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