Pan Humidifiers & Ultrasonic Humidifiers for HVAC


Pan Humidifiers & Ultrasonic Humidifiers for HVAC


Humidifiers add moisture to warm, circulated air in order to protect furnishings and reduce build-up of static electricity when Humidity Levels in a specific environments are less than 45% Rh. For example, they are widely used in HVAC systems of office buildings, printing plants use industrial humidifiers to reduce static electricity in the ink wells of large, high-speed web presses. Plastic manufacturers also use industrial humidifiers, but to reduce the build-up of dust on rollers and machinery. Industrial humidifiers are used widely in computer rooms, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Hence it is essential to maintain RH values under prescribed limits of 45%-55% RH and this can be archived by Humidifiers, They use deionised, demineralized, softened water.

Pan Humidifiers for AHUs

Steam Pan humidifiers  use electric heaters to release steam into the air. Direct steam humidifiers inject steam directly into an air handling system or its ductwork, Our Humidifiers are Precisely adjusted and Carefully designed to Provide Required RH levels as desired by control signal from feedback loop.


Matrusree Pan Humidifiers feature components like Low Level safety switchHigh Temperature Cut-off SwitchBoiler Grade Float Valve MechanismOver Flow and Drain Ball ValvesHeavy Duty Steam Grade Electric HeatersSafety ThermostatInspection Glass window

Construction: Inner Vessel is made of Heavy Gauge SS 304 Sheathing and provided all the Safety featured and Operational Components listed above, with in the 2 compartment standard Design. The Heaters are provided as per requirement, whilst  the Stand by heater is separately controlled with its individual Thermostat for maintaining the water temperature in the Container always at 50 OC, the main Heater Bank energizes upon receiving signal from feedback Humidity Controller or Humidistat. The Vessel is well Insulated with 40mm HighDensity Ceramic fiber Insulation and outer Body is provided with Corrosion Resistant Steel Cladding and Asthetically Powder Coated (or) complete SS304 Body for Outer Body can also be provided as per requirement


Floor Mounted Humidifiers are Provided with Leg Supports while the Wall Mounted Humidifiers are provided with Support Brackets.


The Control Panel is fixed on the Front of the Humidifier that houses essential Controls components likeContactors, Add-on Blocks, Thermostats, LED lamps, Terminal Blocks for Power Supply and Feedback & Status Signals, Optionally it is fitted with RH Digital Controllers also.


Standard Sizes available from 3 KW to 35 KW, and Models beyond this rating can be customized as per client Requirements. Humidifiers with Flame Proof Enclosures also available.



Ultra Sonic Humidifiers

Ultra sound humidification uses Ultrasonic Transducers which is fitted underneath the water surface in Ultrasonic Humidifiers which creates sonic vibrations agitating the water surface and eventually atomizes water creating water droplets The atomization is very fine and the water droplets are so tiny in size as if they look like the particles of smoke that are pushed upwards to get scattered into air.


The ideal size for maximum water dispersion is less than 5 microns, This dry fog mixes with the atmosphere in the space being humidified, De-correlation technology, which uniformly produces droplets that are 4.2 microns in size, achieves total evaporation, thereby maintaining 100 percent water efficiency. The ultra sound humidifier provides  humidification with almost noiseless operation, only the ventilator distributing the atomization around the room can be heard. Ultrasonic Humidifiers overcomes the lag and lead time in controlling the Humidification process by providing more than 90% control accuracy and provides humidification instantaneously


48-volt power supply

1.65 MHz Reliable ultrasonic Piezo transducers

Low Level safety switch

Solenoid Valve operated water connection

Digital RH Sensor and Proportional Controller to provide accurate feedback Control

Terminal Blocks for BMS controls or Other Feedback Control Signals

Auto Manual Switch, Contactors, On/Off switch, ON indicator and other control components

Over Flow and Drain Ball Valve

Water Inlet Filter Assembly

Air filter and fan assembly