Resistive Load Banks


Resistive Load Banks



MATRUSREE leads the way in LOAD BANK design and digital control technology. All digital controls are at the TOUCH of your fingertips. Take CONTROL with easy to use unique programs that display status, provide accuracy, programming and data logging. POWER to take control of all load testing requirements. MATRUSREE's world leading design technology results in an easy to use, digitally controlled, reliable, low maintenance product range that is equal to the challenge of modern power system demands.

MATRUSREEs Load Banks are accurate, compact, quiet, weatherproof, corrosion proof and transportable. Continuous development and over 20 years of experience go into every Load Bank to produce a range of machines that exceed customer requirements and expectations. MATRUSREE is totally dedicated to producing the best Load Banks available. Our designs solve the limits of operation, suitability, accuracy, reliability and durability found in other products.

Load banks can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Factory testing of engine generator sets
  • To reduce "wet stacking" problems
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • UPS system testing
  • Battery system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications
  • Factory testing of turbines

Matrusree manufactures both the load banks and the auxiliary equipment necessary to handle these and other applications. Contact your Matrusree sales representative for complete support in choosing the best load bank system for your requirements.



All standard Matrusree Load Banks are rated for continuous operation in all tropical ambient temperatures; customized versions are available for operation at higher temperatures. Resistive load banks can be manufactured to any size at any voltage and frequency to suit customer’s requirements. A standard range of load banks with ratings between 2kW and 3500kW at customers specified voltage and frequency are available in standard frame sizes. Resistive load banks are not affected by change in frequency but must not be operated at voltages above the specified voltage. They may however be used on lower voltages, but the total load available will be proportionally reduced. When operating at reduced voltages or at frequencies other than the specified frequency the cooling fans and control circuits will require the connection of a suitable external auxiliary supply. Standard resistive load banks with ratings up to 1600kW are available in folded steel enclosures; larger banks with ratings up to 3500kW are built in ISO type containers.



Folded steel and ISO container type enclosures are both available in two forms, one designed for fixed installation at permanent outdoor locations, the other transportable for moving from site to