Inline Heaters/Circulation Heaters/Suction Heaters

Heating of viscous materials, in large storage tanks, to pumping temperatures (or) Heating Liquids like Heat Transfer oilsin Thermic Fluid Systems (or) in other Process Applications, where its required to Maintain an entire tank of viscous fluidssuch as fuel oil or asphalt at pumping temperatures is quite costly. In most of such applications it is not practical whenthe tanks are located underground or are non-insulated tanks.


In such Situations either Circulation Heaters for Inline Pumping or for Recirculation Heating can be used and for largerFuel Oil Tanks tanks Suction Heaters can be used.


Circulation heaters are highly efficient heating cells designed to heat liquids and gases as they flow through a pipe body.These units are 100% energy efficient, compact, and easy to install. They offer primary heating or act as a backup/startup heating source to natural or forced circulation systems. The core of a circulation heater is a Threaded FlangeImmersion Heater or a Fanged Immersion heater that is installed into a pipe vessel. The vessel is thermally insulated anda rust proof painted is applied outside metallic jacket below the insulating material, in some Applications Direct StainlessPipe/vessel is used. The vessel is connected to a system through inlet and outlet threaded Nozzle fittings or flangeconnections.



Circulation heater design concept incorporates all the rugged and durable features of a tubular heater with the flexibilityof an Electrical Heat Exchanger.





Ø  Sheath materials - selected to suit the liquid or gas being heated

Ø  Connections – BSP / NPT Threaded nipples or flanged inlet and outlet connections

Ø  Flange pressure ratings - selected based on the temperature and pressure design conditions

Ø  Terminal Enclosures

v  Weather Proof

v  Ex-d Flame proof / Explosion Proof

Ø  Support frames - for stand - alone mounting Units

Ø  Vessel materials - steel, stainless steel, or other specialty metals as required

Ø  Cross flow baffles - to improve Heat Transfer Characteristics, when required

Ø  Controls - built in thermostats, thermocouples, and high limit thermocouples

Complete Control Panels units with Thyristor Power Regulators (SCR) controllers & PID controls with required failsafe control devices are available. However Control Panels with regular power contactor controls are also available


MATRUSREE ™ Suction Heater is a flow-through electrical heater, ideal for heating of oil or water. Its heat load capacities range from 3 to 200 kW, with design conditions up to 16 bar and 160°C. They are generally mounted Horizontally, but is also available as Vertical Mounting with Different MOC. These heaters are designed specially as Circulation Heaters but can also be designed for Out Flow Heaters as well as Immersion Heaters Application.