Matrusree Electro Heats specializes in manufacturing high-quality thermocouples, precision instruments designed for accurate temperature measurement. Our thermocouples are crafted using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring reliability and durability in the most demanding environments. Whether for industrial processes, laboratories, or specialized applications, our thermocouples deliver precise temperature data to meet your unique requirements.

Our thermocouples are engineered to withstand challenging environments, ensuring consistent and precise temperature readings.

Key Features:

o   High accuracy and reliability

o   Durable construction for long-lasting performance

o   Wide range of temperature measurement capabilities

o   Customization options available to suit specific needs

Technical Specifications:

o   Types: J, K, T, E, etc.

o   Temperature Range: [Specify range]

o   Sheath Material: [Specify material]

o   Calibration: NIST-traceable calibration for accuracy.


Our thermocouples find applications across various industries, including manufacturing, energy, research, and more. From standard thermocouples to custom-designed solutions, we have the expertise to cater to your temperature sensing needs.Ideal for industrial processes, research, and quality control where precise temperature monitoring is essential.

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