UV Weathering Tester



Weathering Tester as per STANDARD Practice- ASTM G154 – 2006

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Ü  Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials

Description: This practice covers the basic principles and operating procedures for using fluorescent UV light, and water apparatus intended to reproduce the weathering effects that occur when materials are exposed to sunlight and moisture as dew condensed in actual usage

 Ü  Equipement

UV Fluorescent UV Testing/Condensation Cabinet in accordance with ASTM G 53 now ASTM G 154

Using this Apparatus Reproducible and reliable weathering data can be generated using the Accelerated Weathering Tester. Its short wavelength ultraviolet light and moisture cycles realistically simulate the damaging effects of sunlight, dew and rain

Ü  Description:


Ultraviolet Sunlight & UV Lamps

This Apparatus uses fluorescent UV lamps to reproduce the damaging effects of sunlight. Although ultraviolet (UV) light makes up only about 5% of sunlight, it is responsible for most of the sunlight damage to polymer / Rubber / Paints/Non Metallic materials exposed outdoors. Therefore, it is only necessary to reproduce the short wavelength UV for testing polymer/ Non metallic Material degradation. UV lamps used in our Weathering Chamber offers the best correlation to outdoor exposures because it is the best simulation sunlight from and offers maximum acceleration by utilizing short-wave UV Ultraviolet Black Light UVB - (280 nm - 360 nm) Peak 306 nm. The spectral energy distribution is best suited to test the ultraviolet resistance of paints, plastics, and rubbers.


Several types of UV lamps are available for This apparatus. Each lamp type differs in the total amount of UV energy emitted and in wavelength spectrum. For example, UVB lamp offers the best correlation used here with  UV Output of 9.6 w / 103 µW cm2(at 1m)  and which is peak at 306nm simulate outdoor exposures because it is the best simulation of sunlight from 275 nm to 350 nm. The UVB-SAN 40 Watt T10E offers maximum acceleration by utilizing short-wave UV that is more severe than normally found on the earth’s surface.

Ü Moisture


The user can program this apparatus to produce cycles of wetness alternating with UV, a situation that is identical to natural weathering.Studies have shown that condensation in the form of dew is responsible for most outdoor wetness. Dew is more damaging than rain because it remains on the material for a long time, allowing significant moisture absorption. This Apparatus UV’s long, hot condensation cycle reproduces the outdoor moisture phenomenon far better than other methods such as water spray, immersion, or high humidity.

Ü  Temperature

The destructive effects of light and moisture exposures are typically accelerated when temperature is increased. The duct heater Blower Arrangement integrated in the base cabinet accelerates the temperature rise in the test chamber.

Ü  Installation Inclusions :  Weathering Test equipment, NABL (or)  ETDC Tractability  Calibration Certificate for UV Weathering PLC.   PC is under your scope if you want software to be installed and this Logging Software provided  is  Complementary and is free of cost  provided along with the Installed PLC and is independent of  other systems, if your are using Data logging software, it should be noted that even though the Software is under run while system in test condition,  it is always necessary & essentially important to take Manual Reading from PLC display of required parameters (This is termed as manual logging) onto on to a  log  book or a register  every  half hour, while the test is under progress, this is essential for uninterrupted test results. Since Operating systems like Win XP & Windows 7 etc., do not fully support continuous online logging constantly for days together and eventually any of the windows system comm port may generate error which is not because of PLC or Software but is related to  Windows OS,  hence manual recording is must. And helps test result compilation under such conditions, FYI. However we have updated the Software &  logging solutions, Operating Manual & CD copy provided separately.


The conditions inside the Weathering Tester provides accurate control of Process Conditions and provides a means to elevate the temperature thus Producing accelerated results. The Programmable  Microprocessor based advanced Process Controls, Timers & other Accessories integrated in the Top  Panel Chamber regulate the Procedure as per the test Conditions Generally 96 Hr Test (As per ASTM G53 / ASTM G154 - 2006 ) initiated by the user. Manual Log Book Recording is also essential for every 30 min minimum

As per ASTM G 154 – 2006, ASTM G – 53, and other related standards, Pls ask

Hot Air + UV-B  Radition peak at 306 nm) Best Suited for all Polymers/Rubbers,  Plastic & Paints ( for Non metallic weatheribility test  like Polymer based Products)

·         (UV Radition Range between 290 nm to 400nm with Peak at 306nm )

·      Natural Condensation at elevated Temperatures from 50 to  80Deg.C for accelerated effect

Specification for Accelerated Weather-o-meter

Ø  accelerated weather-o-meter

Ø  Temperature Range 45-80°C

Ø  17 nos of specimen holding capacity (75 x 150 mm), Please not that 48 Nos of Sample holder for size ( 75 x 150 ) is not possible even on QUV model,in  because

The the construction of the equipment is guided & described in ASTM G 53 Standard ( or)

 IS 101  Part6 Sec 5 ( Fluroscent UV Lamp Method ), as per this the Active exposure area on each side of the weathering tester is 900mm x210 mm on each side, Of this area on each side cannot hold more than 12 panels of 900 mm x 75 mm on each side of the weather-o-meter so, on both sides together it can hold 24 nos of 150mm x 75 mm panels, Out of which 1 panel occupied by black panel for temperature measurment

Ø  For water condensation mechanism provided

Ø  it has  specimen exposure area of 4000 cm2

Ø  it has 8 nos of lamp with 40 W T 12 x 120 cm long with min, irradiance of 1.23 W/m2 or 0.86 W/m2 (UV-B 313 )

Ø  UV weathering Datalogging application software, window based

Include Radiometer,Irriadance parameter is constant & not controlled & i UVB lamps set 12 nos, blow motor, Air heater as accessories, Lamps have around  of 5000 (avg) hrs of lamp life, as per manufacturer data sheet We can use UV – A lamps & UV-B lamps