RTD Sensors

­            Discover unparalleled temperature sensing with Matrusree Electro Heats' RTD Sensors. Engineered for accuracy and reliability, our RTD Sensors provide precise temperature measurements for a wide range of applications. With advanced technology and robust design, our sensors ensure consistent performance in challenging environments. Trust in Matrusree Electro Heats for your temperature sensing needs.

Our RTD sensors offer high precision and resistance to environmental factors, making them suitable for demanding applications where accuracy is paramount.

Key Features:

o   Exceptional accuracy and stability

o   Robust construction for reliable performance

o   Suitable for diverse industrial applications

o   Customization options for specific requirements

Key Benefits:

o   Stability: Consistent and stable temperature readings.

o   Accuracy: High-precision sensing for critical applications.

o   Longevity: Durable construction for extended sensor life.

Technical Specifications:

o   Types: PT100, PT1000, etc.

o   Temperature Range: [Specify range]

o   Probe Material: [Specify material]

o   Class: [Specify class]


Our RTD Sensors cater to industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, HVAC, and more. Choose Matrusree Electro Heats for temperature sensors that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Explore our advanced RTD sensors, providing accurate temperature measurements with exceptional sensitivity and stability.

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